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You Matter

Dear teacher,

You matter…

Your work matters

What you do matters

You are making an impact in the lives of the children you teach…



No, you are not just grading papers, meeting targets, settling class squabbles and calming the ruffled feathers of parents and colleagues…

You are just not making class displays, creating learning corners, singing nursery rhymes and organising class assemblies…


Neither are you are just writing lesson plans, undergoing observation from your supervisors or going for annual appraisals…

No, you are not just working to make ends meet…

You are making an impact!!! Yes, you are shaping the lives of your children and influencing them in more ways than you can imagine. Like a builder, you are helping in putting the right foundation for their lives…

Your actions and inactions, disposition, reactions and responses and speech are tools that we use to do so.

Like an artist holding a brush ready to paint on a plain canvass, so are you with the children in your classroom. Unlike the artists that has an array of different colours of paints at his disposal however, what you have is more potent and valuable.

                          “what you have is more potent and valuable”

You’ve got your heart that warmly receives every child into a new school term; you have your mind so creative that comes out with different ideas to make learning fun for your children; you have great persistence and resourcefulness to whether the tough educational clime of our dear nation.

My question to you however is, at the end of the day, school term and session, what might you have painted on the canvass of their lives? What kind of impact will you make? What kind of print are you leaving in the hearts of your children?

Dear teacher,





Post Author
Tobi Mbaya
A passionate and committed early childhood enthusiast that believes in the right of every child to quality education.

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