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The teacher says…

Savvy Teacher Tips (STT) is basically an opportunity for teachers to share helpful ideas and tips they have used that have “saved the day” especially when the class becomes a little bit boring or crazy (smiles). Therefore following our interview with Ejeme Angela Onyemowo of OakBridge Foundation, which you can find here a while ago, we asked her for some […]

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Circle Time

For those of us that have been early years teachers, we might have had to observe circle time with our children as part of our timetables either with a sense of obligation or with great excitement. This is because some days appear brighter than others with everything flowing in sync; children are settled, no hassles […]

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Ejeme Angela Onyemowo

    In her own words, “Ejeme Angela Onyemowo is “a teacher, a humanitarian and an educationist.” The founder of Oakbridge foundation, a not for profit organisation that provides quality education to vulnerable children, Miss Onyemowo at the time of this email interview (I had not met her in person yet), has a passion for […]

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Not Again!!!

  I recently took an E-learning course which at a point required me to research the state of pre-service and in service teacher training in East Africa. What struck me was the shortage of CPDs available to a large number of teachers in a particular East African country; now this might be a common problem […]

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Dear teacher, Welcome to The Early Years Legacy, a website for the Nigerian early years teacher looking to be better, more effective or just to pass the time and pick up one or two useful tips and ideas. I dare say being an early years teacher in Nigeria feels like being dropped in a maze, […]

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