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Everyday as a teacher


  So it is the beginning of a new school year: new term, new classrooms (maybe), new pupils, new wardrobe… and hopefully a new you, right? While we are still caught up in the euphoria of a new session, excited about making an impact on the lives of our children and being a totally better […]

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Circle Time

For those of us that have been early years teachers, we might have had to observe circle time with our children as part of our timetables either with a sense of obligation or with great excitement. This is because some days appear brighter than others with everything flowing in sync; children are settled, no hassles […]

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Not Again!!!

  I recently took an E-learning course which at a point required me to research the state of pre-service and in service teacher training in East Africa. What struck me was the shortage of CPDs available to a large number of teachers in a particular East African country; now this might be a common problem […]

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