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5 Reasons why Read Aloud is important

Do you know that today February 5 is World Read Aloud Day? Yes it is!

World Read Aloud Day was founded in 2010 by LitWorld as an avenue for the celebration of the joy of reading and advocacy for literacy as a fundamental human right.

To mark this day, here are 5 reasons why Read Aloud is important:

  1. Read aloud leads to the development of language in children. This is because children during read aloud are exposed to correct word usage and pronunciation. This, among other things such as alphabetic principles, phonemic and print awareness, is a factor of early reading success.
  2. Read aloud when coupled with speaking activities such as ‘show and tell’ increases the vocabulary of a child; children are exposed to new words in new contexts.

    A volunteer teacher reading a story book
  3. It stimulate children’s cognitive skill through activities such as predicting what happens next in the story and answering comprehension questions.
  4. Read aloud helps children develop positive emotions with reading especially when it is an enjoyable experience. It motivates children to become lifelong readers. Therefore make it a fun experience!
  5. Finally, read aloud increases the attention span of children. However, this does not happen immediately. The key is to start with a short reading time and then gradually increase the time.

Now that you know how important read aloud is, will you be spending sometime doing this activity?


Tobi R

Post Author
Tobi Mbaya
A passionate and committed early childhood enthusiast that believes in the right of every child to quality education.


  1. posted by
    Onyemowo Angela Ejeme
    Feb 5, 2020 Reply

    Read aloud is no doubt a great strategy. Thank you for sharing, Tobi.

    • posted by
      Tobi Mbaya
      Feb 6, 2020 Reply

      Thank you Angela for reading and commenting!!!

  2. posted by
    Feb 15, 2020 Reply

    Enjoyed reading this.
    Thank you for sharing

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